Thursday, August 30, 2007

Weekend in Wyoming!

We had a great time last weekend, up in Star Valley, Wyoming with my sisters family. We stayed at the a swingin' lil' place called Carlise Ranch that had plenty of beds, a chuckwagon and it's own pond. It was great to see the kids get nice and dirty and take them on little adventures on the 4-wheeler. Indy and I saw a COYOTE! Brent even went fishing for the 1st time in our married life. So here are some cool pics of the kids. I may even put in thier rump-shaking "MANEATER" routine they did for the talent show! It was fabulous to get away and breathe clean air and just be! Thanks KATIE AND CO!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

1st day of SCHOOL!

Alas, it is that time again! Much as I hated to see my two oldest hit the books, I am happy to see that they will be doing something much more productive with their minds and energies! McKenzie is a beautiful 2nd greater and Indiana is the little heartbreaker 1st grader! TWO GONE ALL DAY! I was glad to have Presley with me yesterday. I"m not ready to be alone yet! She of course, had to get ready and don her backpack for school with Mommy. See pics. They are just growing up too fast for me! Life is beautiful!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Nine Years and counting....

Yesterday, Brent and I celebrated out 9th wedding anniversary!!! We had too much going on to get away, but it was great to spend the day as a family and gorge ourselves on Alaskan King Crab!!! I really just want to say how incredibly lucky I am to have Brent! All of the incredible, amazing and blissful things in my life are, for the majority, due to that singular MAN! What a blessing August 12, 1998 is. I love "BEIN" GREEN!!!" Here's to 20 million more!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Potty Training 101

For our last and most stubborn child, if that is at all possible, we have struggled with the old "Potty train." Minnie Mouse ears have helped a bit, but if there are any other suggestions, we certainly are open to them. At least she looks DANG CUTE!

Eclipse Mania!

We had a fabulous time at out Eclipse Party lusting over vampires, adorning ourselves with temporary tatoos, finding answers to elusive twilight trivia and enjoying good food and great company. Now that the wait is over, I am DYING to have to wait ONE MORE YEAR to see the finale to Bella and Edward's tale! It's like Christmas as a kid all over again! AUGHHH!!!!
(Ironically, McKenzie and Indiana were reading their Waldo books and asked what the word, "OBESESSION" meant. I calmly explained that it is how mommy is with her new book and the meaning was translated to them VERY clearly! "Obsessed!")