Thursday, January 31, 2008

We Can all Learn a LOT.

January Jibber Jabber

January jibber jaber.
SNOW-which I have enjoyed, but now it just makes me "cave out" in my house. Freezing. No likey. Memo to me- build dream home in Arizona!
DEATH- The passing of President Hinkley is a loss to us, but I have never been able to not smile when I think of him. His gift to me was the most wonderful gift of himselfI Always with a smile and a quip and yet rock hard in testimony, he demonstrated just what "manner of men [and women] we ought to be. I can only imagine the reunion he had with his great wife. WEll deserved. And well done.
Also, my friend's friend was killed by her husband. It makes you love and pray for people you have never met but for whom you mourn and also from whom you draw inspiration.
We commemorated the death of Brent's brother, Jeff on the 19th, and his dad's a little too. It makes you realize that you can never underestimate or really understand the power of a good life. That life continues to grow and inspire us to new and higher thoughts and desires. I look forward to meeting both of them and having a really good conversation with my father in law. What would life be without the ressurection?
BRENT- Having been gone for a week on business this month, I missed him immensely. The old adage, you don't know what you've got, until it's gone," holds very true for me. I get so caught up in maintainly a house, (indeed, I AM cubered about with too many things) that I fail to see, recognize and appreciate this magnificent man who walks through life with me. I marvel at his kindness, and his selflessness, and his ability to consistently make good choices that bless us all. KUdos to you Brent.
DRAB- Maybe this winter does have some value in that it makes me slow down and ponder things a little bit more. Put a little more thought into what I do instead of staying on auto-pilot. I woke up two weeks ago to realize that Kenz is rapidly growing up and will be in the clutches of adolescence shortly. I wonder if I have really spent the time and focused on her and not always the messy room or ratty ponytail.
I close with one final one that I lifted from my friend. It's great, from a simple little Disney short, 'Small One.'

"And when we say goodbye, there'll be in my place; one who needs you, one who loves you, someone with a friendly face."

Friday, January 11, 2008

My apologies!

Yes, how tacky can I be? I send out cards, with a note to check out our blog and then fail to post anything for about a month. Yes, I'm a slacker. And yes, I am sorry. I think I'm back on track from the holidays. It just comes down to me finding the time to upload pics. I would much rather tell the stories with my pictures than my sorry accompanying commentary. SO, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I"ll do better!

G-PA Pead turns 60!

Let us pause for a moment and mourn the loss of middle age for my dear old pa. (Let 20 sec pass.) And now, we welcome him into Senior Citizenry! We had a great time celebrating with he and g-ma. We celebrated with 60 candles,(Boy was that an inferno) and all of the grandkids doing 60 jumping jacks, and jumps. Yeah, it was a little sweaty, but we have to keep the immaturity level high.
He is a great man who has given all of us an amazing reputation of education, fun and integrity to live up to. THANKS FOR ALL YOU ARE DAD!

The Christmas Story-Pead Style

AHHH, the lovely annual Nativity story. Told at this special time each year. Then turn it over to the peads and you have a few added and unscripted elements. A hunchbacked, muslim innkeeper, the princess jasmine and a few beefy prophets sure make for an entertaining time. Indiana did have his angel lines memorized thanks to his Linus ornament this year. The last picture is a nod to mine eldest brother, who declares the story, once more a theatrical triumph! One year, my mom may get her Christmas wish of a reverent solemn affair. However, I'm not placing any wagers on it! (Sorry mom!)

Cookies for Santa

Here are the kids on the brink of unsatiable excitement the night before Christmas. We had a nice snowstorm, some good gelato at Gloria's Little Italy and then came home to make cookies and reindeer food. What a wonderful thing is that anticipation the night before Christmas!

The Cornucopia of Unbridled Avarice

Christmas this year came in grand style-white and beautiful. Brent told the kids that they could not budge until the clock hit 6:00. Amazing how we were woken up at precicely 6am. Everyone went to the tree in their Christmas PJS and we opened and enjoyed. Christmas, as a parent spectator, is wonderful if you ask me. The fun of bright new toys and playthings still is fun for us. However, The amount of trash our small family produced did offend my environmental senses. So next year, I simply hoping for a trip to the Bahamas!