Monday, October 6, 2008

Photo Shoot

Okay, STILL catching up from the summer.
So one beautiful, august day, my new found Utah friend, Karen Hamilton, graciously offered to take pictures of the tykes for me. Now, i normally have not done this because I take tons of pictures of my children. However, after seeing these AMAZING, LOVEABLE shots, I have realized that it is SUCH a good thing to have someone take a fresh look at your children for yoU!!! WE LOVE THESE shots. They will soon be PLASTERED all over. If any of you want her contact info, you can find her on the web at:
So here they are: McKenzie Kate--wanted to look a bit older and beautiful. SHE SURE DOES! AND her dream came true when she posed for her HSM shot. My favorite is of her as a blooming flower and in the hat as she looks at the camera--you can kind of catch a glimpse into all of the workings of her mind!

Next is Indiana: He sure is a cute lil' man. I love the eyebrow raise, the skater dude, and of course, he was dying to be Michael Phelps with goggles and american swimwear. Ooo-la-la!

Last is baby Presley. She was just TOO dang cute. there are too many to choose. The classic has got to be her habitual sniffing of her "bunny bear's" ear. Brent loves the ratty ponytails, i love the dancing, and of course, my FAV is of her prep school look. The juxtapostion of her acting like she is twenty and the three year old body is SO her! TOO DANG CUTE!

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All hail Karen Hamilton!!! These truly are TREASUREs !!!!!