Friday, May 23, 2008

The New Adventures of Indiana Green

This last week has been a whirlwind of fun and adventure for the Green clan. The planets have aligned leaving a bright spot on the horizon of our young sons life. His birthday happens to be on the EXACT same date as the release of the latest installment of his dear namesakes movies!!! Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull!
Thanks to Brent's amazing professional expertise, Indiana was invited to be the GUEST OF HONOR at Utah's premiere of the movie at the Gateway in Salt Lake City that was sponsored by ABC4 and CW30!!!
We headed up early to make sure there would be NO missing this! Indiana wanted to eat at the HAPPY SUMO, so we enjoyed sushi, teriyaki and rice. We strolled down the lanes together, had a few photo opps and then went to the movie.
Inside, he was introduced to the crowd and received lots of applause and approbation! Then we settled in and enjoyed. I hate to get all mushy on you, but as a Mom, it was a Magic Moment for me. Who would have ever dreamed that I would be in a theater, watching an Indiana Jones movie with my young son, laughing, ohhing and covering our eyes. As we turned at the exact same points in the movie and looked at each other and smiled, I knew I had arrived. It just doesn't get much better than this!
He was interviewed the following day by the Daily Herald, and ended up on with a huge picture and a great article. Here is the link to that:
On his birthday, May 22nd, we visited the Dr. and then went to his class for Birthday treats. As he walked into that room, newspaper in hand, a huge smile went across his face. All I can say is: Happy sumo: 85$. Daily Herald: 5o cents. Seeing your son hailed as a hero: PRICELESS!
We then rushed home for the Deseret News interview, and then off to the movies. We were joined there by family and Indiana's two groupies, Mika and Kim, who had "INDIANA IS MY HOMEBOY" shirts made especially for the occasion! And again, we enjoyed the fast and funny adventures of Indiana Jones. The diner fight, the snake and the THREE TIMES happen to be some of our favorite.
At home, we enjoyed burgers-although, i'm wondering why I didn't think to serve snake and chilled monkey brains!-and the company that surrounded him. Lucasfilm sent him a HUGE movie poster that SHIA is going to sign for us. Harrison Ford's agent sent us the FIRST signed photo of him in the new movie, as well as his usual one. We also cleaned walmart out of the new Indiana Jones Heros-like our Galactic Heroes obsession which is now getting obscene. And of course, the whip. He has enjoyed some dang good, crack-a-laka with that!!!
He had SUCH a fantastic day, and I couldn't think of anything he deserves more. He is so patient and kind with his self-assured, and sometimes overbearing sisters, and we just wanted him to know that HE is special and that we value what makes him so sweet, funny, smart and UNIQUE. I think we could say Mission Accomplished! We love you Indy! Happy Birthday Buddy!

PS. He is on the FRONT page of the Des News this morning. Here is the link to that:,5143,700228437,00.html

Reading Rainbow!!!

"It's nighttime, the kids are finally in bed and have surrendered to sleep. Husband is out playing basketball. Free at last! I noiselessly creep across to my bedroom, brush my teeth, slip into my cozy slothware and snuggle up in bed. With joyful anticipation, I quietly crack the cover of TWILIGHT, close my eyes, take a deep breath, and smile as I re-enter the world of Forks, Washington."

Yes, every time I open these books, it is a Reading Rainbow moment for me. As the pages flip open, light and joy spew forth and fill my mind with the dewy magic of Forks, lucious vampires, and chummy werewolves. It's like loosing an appendage to close the covers. This reading has lead to my crazy obsession with all things TWILIGHT.

To complete the journey on the Twilight Train, I had the AWESOME opportunity to meet the Queen Mother herself, Stepehnie Meyer, on May 17, 2008!!!
We had a fabulous outing hearing Q and A, meeting up with the Twilight Moms and getting our books signed. (A HUGE THANKS TO KATIE CAMPBELL, for knowing I would have to go and for securing me a ticket even though I was miles and miles away in no cell phone zone on the Caribbean!)

Let me preface the rest by just saying, more than anything, I want to be her sylist. I have been wanting to do this for some time-to create an exterior look that is more reflective of her creative genius! SO, as I sit in the audience, stomach churnin, I quickly ripped out a deposit slip from my checkbook, circled my contact information, write a note and screwed up all of my courage to ask her if I could be her sylist. It was nerve-wracking as we approached the dimly lit stage. We then had to organize our books just so, get in line and have our ticket. Well it was too much for Tara and I because we lost a ticket and we start to panic. "You have to have a ticket to get your book signed." HELLO, this close to the goal and what?! We scramble to find it in which book and she just patiently looks over and smiles at the inept moms scrambling to find our GOSH DANG TICKET!!! (See photos)...the agony! Finally, we get it and as we approach her highness, I blurt out, "I SO want to be your STYLIST!"
She looks at me and says, "DO I really look that bad?"
Time stops. And, as my husband would say, "BOI_OI_OING!" I randied.
I try to quickly jump out of the crater I just put myself in and explain that it is just for fun, to refine, to embellish! It was NEVER meant to be insulting. But, that is pretty much the story of my life. Tact=A big old goose egg.
When I told Brent, he just shook his head and said, "When are you ever going to learn tact?"
My guess, at this point, is never.
My big chance and I blew it. HOWEVER,at least I did what I felt I wanted to. I didn't bail out at the last minute, or cave in the Soup Nazi type setting that threw off my whole game. Stephenie Meyer is not someone who 4.5 seconds with can satisfy. She's the type of gal you really pray, to someday have a conversation with.
And for now, like Anne of Green Gables, I'm content with my [4.5 seconds]. (However bad I bonered them!)


The same day as my Stephenie Meyer frenzy, Provo City sponsored a "UTAH AUTHORS" fair. Grandma Green was nice enough to take ALL of the kids down to Academy Square and visit the various authors and illustrators. They had the time of their lives!!! They got to meet Brandon Muil, Guy Francis, and Shannon Hale among others. Kenz even got Austenland autographed for me!
It was wonderful to see them so excited about how the books are made and written and illustrated. WHy don't we do more things like this? It was seriously as good as a day at Disneyland for our kids. SO THANK YOU PROVO, for forgetting about carnivals and other useless Oriental Trading give aways. This gift was far more precious!

Dancing like the Stars

Our girls just completed another year of dancing and had their annual concert. IT was fun this year to see McKenzie joined by her little sister, Presley. They had five shows within two days and did so well. (I thought for sure, Presley would die.) But, she showed off her usual uninhibited self, and stopped to wave at audience members. McKenzie has a real flair and rythmn that makes her so much fun to watch and enjoy. Once I install the new ilife, I'll post the movies of their dances for the world to enjoy. You can even see that Grandpa got in on the action. Hats off Ladies! Bravisimi!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Special Day

Last Saturday, May 3rd, our first-born, McKenzie was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She went in looking like an angel and came out even more pure, clean and beautiful. WE are so proud of her for wanting to follow the example of Christ in this and know that it will be a blessing in her life. We are also SO grateful to all of the family and friends who came to show thier love and support for McKenzie and us. We had such a fantastic day, and it was just one of those things that makes me SO indescribably happy to have been given the opportunity to be a mother to these amazing, and fantastic kids. I love being a mom. And it was a precious moment for me to see her go into the waters of baptism and come out and hug her and let her know what a choice daughter she is to us and to her Heavenly Father. I'm sure she will do amazing things with her life. WE lOVE YOU KENZ!

Family Pics

Here are a few family pictures from our parties. Everyone is always complaining that I never post pictures of myself on the blog. As you can see, you're not missing much. ENjoy!
They are: Dora Calling, Goofing Off, Daddy's Girls, and Sit down and act nice, twice!