Friday, May 23, 2008

Reading Rainbow!!!

"It's nighttime, the kids are finally in bed and have surrendered to sleep. Husband is out playing basketball. Free at last! I noiselessly creep across to my bedroom, brush my teeth, slip into my cozy slothware and snuggle up in bed. With joyful anticipation, I quietly crack the cover of TWILIGHT, close my eyes, take a deep breath, and smile as I re-enter the world of Forks, Washington."

Yes, every time I open these books, it is a Reading Rainbow moment for me. As the pages flip open, light and joy spew forth and fill my mind with the dewy magic of Forks, lucious vampires, and chummy werewolves. It's like loosing an appendage to close the covers. This reading has lead to my crazy obsession with all things TWILIGHT.

To complete the journey on the Twilight Train, I had the AWESOME opportunity to meet the Queen Mother herself, Stepehnie Meyer, on May 17, 2008!!!
We had a fabulous outing hearing Q and A, meeting up with the Twilight Moms and getting our books signed. (A HUGE THANKS TO KATIE CAMPBELL, for knowing I would have to go and for securing me a ticket even though I was miles and miles away in no cell phone zone on the Caribbean!)

Let me preface the rest by just saying, more than anything, I want to be her sylist. I have been wanting to do this for some time-to create an exterior look that is more reflective of her creative genius! SO, as I sit in the audience, stomach churnin, I quickly ripped out a deposit slip from my checkbook, circled my contact information, write a note and screwed up all of my courage to ask her if I could be her sylist. It was nerve-wracking as we approached the dimly lit stage. We then had to organize our books just so, get in line and have our ticket. Well it was too much for Tara and I because we lost a ticket and we start to panic. "You have to have a ticket to get your book signed." HELLO, this close to the goal and what?! We scramble to find it in which book and she just patiently looks over and smiles at the inept moms scrambling to find our GOSH DANG TICKET!!! (See photos)...the agony! Finally, we get it and as we approach her highness, I blurt out, "I SO want to be your STYLIST!"
She looks at me and says, "DO I really look that bad?"
Time stops. And, as my husband would say, "BOI_OI_OING!" I randied.
I try to quickly jump out of the crater I just put myself in and explain that it is just for fun, to refine, to embellish! It was NEVER meant to be insulting. But, that is pretty much the story of my life. Tact=A big old goose egg.
When I told Brent, he just shook his head and said, "When are you ever going to learn tact?"
My guess, at this point, is never.
My big chance and I blew it. HOWEVER,at least I did what I felt I wanted to. I didn't bail out at the last minute, or cave in the Soup Nazi type setting that threw off my whole game. Stephenie Meyer is not someone who 4.5 seconds with can satisfy. She's the type of gal you really pray, to someday have a conversation with.
And for now, like Anne of Green Gables, I'm content with my [4.5 seconds]. (However bad I bonered them!)


shannon said...

LOVE your photos...glad that you were the last ones to get them. and i love that you're ballzy...maybe she'll call you???

Cammie said...

HOW AWESOME IS THAT! That would so be my way of handling my entusiasm and excitement of meeting someone who has wrapped up every woman's fantasy in two characters! :p

Sandy said...

Okay, this made me laugh out loud. I can't believe you asked her that - it's making me laugh again now. I know you want to talk with her, but you should have asked her if she ever considers doing a private book club meeting or luncheon with totally obsessed fans - or you could tell her she has a bad hair cut - I love it!!! Too, too funny!

Aubri said...

That's pretty funny but I feel for you too! Well I think she'll remember you in some way.

Heather said...

That is so awesome that you got to go to that! I totally wish i were there! dangit! how fun! you look soo beautiful! LOVING your tan!