Friday, May 23, 2008

The New Adventures of Indiana Green

This last week has been a whirlwind of fun and adventure for the Green clan. The planets have aligned leaving a bright spot on the horizon of our young sons life. His birthday happens to be on the EXACT same date as the release of the latest installment of his dear namesakes movies!!! Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull!
Thanks to Brent's amazing professional expertise, Indiana was invited to be the GUEST OF HONOR at Utah's premiere of the movie at the Gateway in Salt Lake City that was sponsored by ABC4 and CW30!!!
We headed up early to make sure there would be NO missing this! Indiana wanted to eat at the HAPPY SUMO, so we enjoyed sushi, teriyaki and rice. We strolled down the lanes together, had a few photo opps and then went to the movie.
Inside, he was introduced to the crowd and received lots of applause and approbation! Then we settled in and enjoyed. I hate to get all mushy on you, but as a Mom, it was a Magic Moment for me. Who would have ever dreamed that I would be in a theater, watching an Indiana Jones movie with my young son, laughing, ohhing and covering our eyes. As we turned at the exact same points in the movie and looked at each other and smiled, I knew I had arrived. It just doesn't get much better than this!
He was interviewed the following day by the Daily Herald, and ended up on with a huge picture and a great article. Here is the link to that:
On his birthday, May 22nd, we visited the Dr. and then went to his class for Birthday treats. As he walked into that room, newspaper in hand, a huge smile went across his face. All I can say is: Happy sumo: 85$. Daily Herald: 5o cents. Seeing your son hailed as a hero: PRICELESS!
We then rushed home for the Deseret News interview, and then off to the movies. We were joined there by family and Indiana's two groupies, Mika and Kim, who had "INDIANA IS MY HOMEBOY" shirts made especially for the occasion! And again, we enjoyed the fast and funny adventures of Indiana Jones. The diner fight, the snake and the THREE TIMES happen to be some of our favorite.
At home, we enjoyed burgers-although, i'm wondering why I didn't think to serve snake and chilled monkey brains!-and the company that surrounded him. Lucasfilm sent him a HUGE movie poster that SHIA is going to sign for us. Harrison Ford's agent sent us the FIRST signed photo of him in the new movie, as well as his usual one. We also cleaned walmart out of the new Indiana Jones Heros-like our Galactic Heroes obsession which is now getting obscene. And of course, the whip. He has enjoyed some dang good, crack-a-laka with that!!!
He had SUCH a fantastic day, and I couldn't think of anything he deserves more. He is so patient and kind with his self-assured, and sometimes overbearing sisters, and we just wanted him to know that HE is special and that we value what makes him so sweet, funny, smart and UNIQUE. I think we could say Mission Accomplished! We love you Indy! Happy Birthday Buddy!

PS. He is on the FRONT page of the Des News this morning. Here is the link to that:,5143,700228437,00.html


Jake and Nicole said...

What an amazing birthday for a amazing boy!!! Yall are wonderful people and sounds like Indy had a great day!

shannon said...

how fun and fantastic and amazing for Indy! what a lucky little kid...and yes the stars were aligned when you named that little boy!

Cammie said...

What great memories you will all have from this. Gunner has experienced the same thing, yet not quite so fanfared. We got his name from Gunnar's Pizza in Alpine, WY (just outside of Afton.) When ever we drive through we have to stop. The first time we told them about Gunner's name and where it came from, and they gave us free pizza (Gunner was just a baby.) The 2nd time, we again mentioned Gunner's name. This time they took him back with them into the kitchen and Gunner became the "IRON CHEF" He got to make all our pizza's. He still remembers that. Indy is AWESOME! I paid my own homeage to him on my blog page. SURE LOVE THAT KID ALONG WTIH HIS PARENTS. HAPPY B-DAY INDY!

Sandy said...

What an awesome ride...he'll never forget it!

Jenn said...

WOW!!! That is an amazing story, and some incredibly cute pictures, what a handsome kid. I'm so happy for him. Happy birthday Indy!

Heather said...

OH! he is so darling! I am soo impressed that brent got him as a guest of honor! HOW AWESOME! what a SPECIAL day for him!!!! you guys are great parents!

Corlie Ann said...

Hey "Jones" it was our honor to be with you. The movie was fun but YOU are the real-deal.