Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Blog Slack

I new posts. Its been a busy couple of weeks. Brent has been traveling a lot on business and we were in the middle of yard hell. BUT, now I have a lush garden of eden (to me. Anything beside dirt and desolation qualifies!) thanks to many neighbors and friend laborers in our little vineyard. SO, I'm STILL tired. pooped. i am steer manure!
Also, I'm really just trying to enjoy my kids this summer and spend time with them. THus, the priority of blog updates is decimated daily.
I DO get on and check out others bi weekly or so, so keep it rolling! I'll just sit on my hypocritical hinee and enjoy yours!
We are going to have some GREAT stuff in the FALL!!! ha ha. (hopefully, it won't be that long!)


Heather said...

i know, i miss u! i am impressed with all the yard work,.... PICS I WANNA SEE SOME!;O)
i too have been blog slacker. i am actually typing w one hand, darling kapri Always in my arms... shes too wiggly to type w both hands...
love u, miss u....have a great summer!

Heather said...

SOOO EXCITING! in one day breaking dawn! i hope you guys do something fun like you did last book! anyways, good luck! i am soo excited i can't even tell you!

love you guys! talk to you later!

Live From Mommyville... said...

Hi Mandella!

I enjoy your blog. You must be immersed in Breaking Dawn right now...or more've finished it.

Look forward to updates in the fall.

Your old "vitality" pal,

Patty said...

Just wondering if you read Breaking Dawn? I am half done with Eclipse. I am slow, but I love the series. Hope you are well.

Chelsea and Manuel said...

Okay- Mandy.....The summer is over- we miss seeing what your family is up too! Start blogging again soon!