Monday, December 15, 2008

The Value of Work

In trying to give our children a new appreciation for work, and what it takes to have a house run, we have tried to get the kids to do dishes.
So the other night, as Indy was hard at work, I heard the most awful grating sound. Brent and I looked over to ask him what he was using to clean the lovely, NON STICK, pan with? He replied, "a rock. It will scrape off all of the hard stuff."
Yes, my son, along with any finish that was ever put on the product! Lovely, just lovely!
Oh, and did I add, Dishes must now be done with the shirt off. Funny KID!

Monday, December 1, 2008


November 22nd happened to be a GREAT day for the Green Family--we were able to see our beloved COLDPLAY live in concert! Needless to say, they didn't disappoint!
The lights went out, and the BLUE DANUBE WALTZ started to blast. How cool is that?! They opened with Life in Techicolor and then went right into VIOLET HILL. (That song is McKenzie's Favorite! SOOOOOO many great songs with a few new twists.

I think I would have to say that my favorite number was THE HARDEST PART. Chris came out stage right-right on our side, with a baby grand and did the song solo. On the chorus, the drummer-clear back on the stage-would light up as he sang harmony and then, once again, disappear into the blackness. That song was SO beautiful and full of soul.

THEN, they ran off stage and ended up running into the crowd- TURNS OUT RIGHT IN FRONT OF ONE OF OUR TICKET GROUPS OF FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, my brother in law was an ARMS length from the entire band! MY sister and I-who were on the opposite side of the venue, looked at each other like----WHAT THE (#*^%! I COULD have been us! But now, as my fever subsides, and reason sets in I realize that it probably was a good thing. That bouncer would NOT have been able to hold us off as they sang an acoustic THE SCIENTIST-one of my favorites.

After that was the crowd busting VIVA LA VIDA! I wish I could have recorded it for Indy. HE LOVES THAT SONG! Everyone was singing and feeling it. One of the final numbers was MY favorite from the new album- LOVERS IN JAPAN. During the chorus, thousands of colored paper butterflies flew down from the ceiling, for the perfect culmination of sound and senses. Afterward, I had people scrounge some up for me. When my kids accidentally ripped some the next day, I strongly advised them to be VERY CAREFUL. When asked why, I responded, "THESE ARE MY HAPPY THOUGHTS!" And yes, they have found a place on my wall. Each time I look at them, I smile.

You can consult my sister's blog for a complete set list and other amazing insights about the concert.

IT WAS PHENOMENAL. There aren't many bands I would pay anything to see in concert, but this is one of two. It was worth every EURO! I could have listened to them for hours! YOU ROCK COLDPLAY! Please keep coming back! WE LOVE YOU!
If you have the means of seeing them, JUST DO IT!
"I could feel it go down. You left the sweetest taste in my mouth."
This last photo is for the CHRIS MARTIN I MIGHT HAVE TOUCHED fro two feet away!!!