Monday, April 28, 2008

Coming SOON...

AND, just to be super cool, our son, who is named after this ficticious character has a birthday on the EXACT date of the movie release: May 22nd! SO we will be celebrating INDY style all day, taking in a matinee, and finding some chilled monkey brains to eat, only after we finish getting rid of any snakes we can find!
Brent has been contacting Lucasarts and others trying to get a favor in for this cute, smart and amazing kid. Just look at him! Who can't love THAT?!

Baby Presleys Birthday!

It's a sad event for me to watch my baby grow up. But we had so much fun that day, that I couldn't help to relish in the joy of having another beautiful and amazing daughter.
As I had promised several months earlier, and she had remembered, we had to go and get, "dora plates, dora napkins, dora balloons, etc." ALL THINGS DORA and ALL THINGS PINK AND PURPLE were the order of the day. We enjoyed the morning together making cupcakes and party bags. Each time the door rang, she BOOKED 90 to get there. She would then open the door, jump up and down and say, "Did you bring me presents!" Unfortunately, due to her endearing personality and popularity with so many, she always DID get a present. Talk about being showered with love.
She had a small DORA party with 3 friends, and I ran out of games in the 1st fifteen minutes. My husband had a good laugh about that. And due to my AWESOME neighbor, we had a gloriously perfect and amazing DORA cake. (I looked at that pan about sixty times before I made myself face reality and that this is certainly beyond my level of abilities.) THANK YOU GINA!!!
That evening more visits from grandparents, neighbors and friends, made a perfect day even more filled with joy. Thanks so much for this precious thing in our lives and loving her like we do! Happy Birthday Baby Presley!

April 12th was our First-Born's birthday. Rather than a camera, she wanted a HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL PARTY with all of her friends. (How do you say, RIP OFF!) However, once we got the place all ballooned up, with banners and east high mascots, etc, it turned into EAST HIGH!!! We had so much fun making up cheers for the birthday girl, playing for East High Idol, and testing our fitness outside. She had SO much fun and looked up at me and said, "MOM, I feel showered...with presents and

love." what more could I ever ask for on her birthday. Her uncle made her an amazing teddy bear swimming pool cake. That ended up probably being a biohazard for all of the oogling, breathing and touching that went on as the kids eyes ran wild with desire to partake! I love that stuff.

That night as I put her to bed, I saw that special gleem in her eye as we talked about all of the fun things we had done and all of the amazing friends we have to do them with. She said it was the best day she has ever had. You know what that makes my day then...certainly one never to be forgotten. I found the joy in just forgetting my agenda and turning in Sharpay for a few hours and showing my girl, a fabulous time. That's when motherhood is its greatest! I SURE LOVE YOU KIDDO! Happy Birthday!

Friday, April 25, 2008


my sweet husband now has his own blog: Check it out:

Also, here is one for every man who lives with a twilight obsessee:

All Hail the Queen Mother

Okay, So i haven't yet even had the time to post the pics from BOTH of my daughter's bdays and spring break. But this was too good to let sit. I am SO proud to be a twilight mom. Stephenie's triumph is shared by all of us mormom moms.
Check out the new article in Time.,9171,1734838,00.html

"...people do not want to just read Meyer's books; they want to climb inside them and live there." I couldn't have put it better myself!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

An Easy Interesting Tag…

From my sis: Aubs

Here’s what you do; a)pick up the nearest book b)turn to page 123 c)find the fifth sentence d)post the fifth sentence e)tag 5 people
tawn, shannon, heather, amanda and erica

"But what they prized above rank or riches was their daughter, sole heiress of their fortune, and I was always treated by them with the utmost indulgence and affection"

the fevah is burning!

As much as I try to keep my obsession at a low burn, too much is happening to do it. I saw this picture, and to me, it personifies how edward and bella feel about each other. TO ADD TO THAT, I am like a giddy schoolgirl awaiting the visit of the creator herself, Stephenie Meyer, to our humble valley.

Someone, HOLD ME!!!!
How I LONG to talk with her and get inside the twilight universe. Only then will the journey on the twilight train be complete!

As an intelligent, controlled woman, I am Fascinated by the fact that these books give me a fever I cannot quench, send my mind reeling in a thousand different directions, make me long to meet one of these vampires, and turn me into a crazed, obsessed adolescent once again. Don't get me wrong...I AM LOVING THE RIDE!!!!

Stephenie Meyer Book Signing and Visit to Utah!
Friday, May 16, 2008, 7:00 p.m.
Borders, Provo UT and Borders, Murray, UT
Ticketed event held at The Showbarn at Thanksgiving Point, 3003 North Thanksgiving Way, Lehi, UT 84043. Ticket price includes $10 admission fee and one copy of The Host. Tickets are available at Borders Provo (4801 North University Ave., Provo, UT, 84107; phone: 801/224-2720) and Borders Murray (132 E. Winchester, Murray, UT 84107; phone: 801/313-1020) beginning on May 6th. Call Borders Provo or Borders Murray for event guidelines and details.