Monday, April 28, 2008

April 12th was our First-Born's birthday. Rather than a camera, she wanted a HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL PARTY with all of her friends. (How do you say, RIP OFF!) However, once we got the place all ballooned up, with banners and east high mascots, etc, it turned into EAST HIGH!!! We had so much fun making up cheers for the birthday girl, playing for East High Idol, and testing our fitness outside. She had SO much fun and looked up at me and said, "MOM, I feel showered...with presents and

love." what more could I ever ask for on her birthday. Her uncle made her an amazing teddy bear swimming pool cake. That ended up probably being a biohazard for all of the oogling, breathing and touching that went on as the kids eyes ran wild with desire to partake! I love that stuff.

That night as I put her to bed, I saw that special gleem in her eye as we talked about all of the fun things we had done and all of the amazing friends we have to do them with. She said it was the best day she has ever had. You know what that makes my day then...certainly one never to be forgotten. I found the joy in just forgetting my agenda and turning in Sharpay for a few hours and showing my girl, a fabulous time. That's when motherhood is its greatest! I SURE LOVE YOU KIDDO! Happy Birthday!


Heather said...

OH MY! you are such an amazing mom! what great kids! for her to say that!? oh my gosh! melts my heart! I LOVE IT! how gracious and darling she is!

my kayla wants a high school musical party too! i should get some ideas from you! sounded like fun!!!

soo sweet! you are awesome mandy! wow!