Monday, September 29, 2008

I"m a MAN!

Indiana has been waiting LONG and HARD since Kindergarten to finally and officially graduate to "BIG-kid-Hood" by losing a tooth. He has even gone so far as to try and dislodge one. not pleasant.
So, FINALLY, thanks to a stubborn glue stick, a tooth started to wiggle. For the next few days, he worked on it. BUT, his fear of letting me pull it would not allow for the final blow--it was too harsh and gruesome for him. So, after talking to Grandpa Pead, he learned the new trick of tying dental floss to the loose tooth and the other end to a door and then slamming the door. LESS SCARY!?! apparently. For that very night, I tied one of my super dooper knots, Brent did the door work, and on the third try, BAM! Out it came! (I'll admit, I was a little anxious to watch!) I was trying SO hard to tape it, but couldn't find my camera. So here is the final product. He is now, officially, a man!

Friday, September 26, 2008


Okay, so I am WAY behind on posts. SO, I"ll just send them through as I feel inspired to write them. TODAYS TOPIC--NIEL DIAMOND.

The story begins as a college student. Fall-1996. A fellow friend, Justin Williams, and I found out that we had a shared love for all Niel Diamond music. On a whim, we went just to sit outside the delta center just to feel his aura; and it turned out that we got 7th row seats and the time of our lives.
Later on in the spring, our ward hosted its very exclusive and notorious LIP SYNC. Not wanting to miss out on being a part of this, we re-created a blast from Justin's past. He forgot all of the words to "AMERICA" in the 3rd grade and has suffered cruelly since. That day, we decided to right this wrong and came up with this amazing show in about 1 hour--also about 1hour before show time. (I must add here that my wardrobe is provided by MERCY STUDIOS--aka. Tara Pead, and it is ONE OF A KIND FABULOUS! One watcher of the show commented to me afterwards that this dress was indeed, "THE HOTTEST DREsS IN CHRISTENDOM!" THANKS TARA!

Well, in late August, Justin decided to get married and all he wanted most was to re-live the most wonderful night of his life. SO, thanks to you-tube, and borrowing "the dress" we managed to pull off yet another historic appearance of Niel and his red lady. I stole a few pictures off a friends site. And let's just say, it was yet another thrilling performance. AND, even more miraculously, the dress fit. (The slit is just SOOO much higher that I remember it!!!)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


My dear good friends,
How I love you. I had THREE comments about my MIA status in the blogging universe. I was explaining to Shannon that my computer is full and I need to download all of the pictures from the summer, etc. and she mentioned that I don't need pictures to blog...lightbulb!!! HELLO!!! Why didnt' I think of that?!
SO, I appreciate your harassment to blog. It makes me feel noticed and missed. SO, I am downloading pics right now (I just erased all of my music, we will see how that GOES!). BUT, more importantly, I AM WRITING. If feels good to get the feel of speed back into these fingers. Sure, the backspace is hit a least once a word, but hey, I'm an old dog.
SO, we had a FUN summer. My plan was to keep us busy and to partake of all of summers golden goodness. Mission accomplished! Brent was gone a LOT of the summer, traveling to Europe and Africa. You can check out his blog, and amazing opportunites on his blog (there is a link on mine). We went to Heber, Park City, and everywhere local. We fed baby cows, swam in springs, had a great photo shoot, rode the Alpine Slide for the Kids first time, watched clouds, had friends from Alaska, waited for Breaking Dawn, pulled off yet another girls camp, went camping--actually had BRENT camp with us--that is a FIRST!!!, went fishing, ran through a nice green, lush lawn for the first time ever since living here, ate 2 gross of Otter pops, went barefoot and had the MOST spectacular Cul-de-SAC of FIRE EVER!!! My Black Mambas were HUGE, BOOMING explosions of JOY! It was my Christmas.
Now, we are back in school, and I am missing the noise and the kids. I'm so content to be the evil step mother playing Cinderella with Presley. Now, she saw Hairspray and always wants to be TRACY. BUT, i LOVE just being in the moment with her--my regret is that I learned it seven and eight years too late for my others.
SO, the Show is BACK on the road!!! More excitement to COME! I love you guys!

I have ONE picture of devotion for you. Here is our family the morning of the day that BREAKING DAWN is to come out. Our dear alaskan friends stayed out all night, I came home to sleep and then joined them after my run in the morning. THen these amazing people came to be with us in line and join the HYSTERIA!!! The title of this picture is: NOW THAT"S LOVE.
(TOo bad the book sucked so bad. YES, I give it 1 star. But that is another post!)