Monday, April 28, 2008

Baby Presleys Birthday!

It's a sad event for me to watch my baby grow up. But we had so much fun that day, that I couldn't help to relish in the joy of having another beautiful and amazing daughter.
As I had promised several months earlier, and she had remembered, we had to go and get, "dora plates, dora napkins, dora balloons, etc." ALL THINGS DORA and ALL THINGS PINK AND PURPLE were the order of the day. We enjoyed the morning together making cupcakes and party bags. Each time the door rang, she BOOKED 90 to get there. She would then open the door, jump up and down and say, "Did you bring me presents!" Unfortunately, due to her endearing personality and popularity with so many, she always DID get a present. Talk about being showered with love.
She had a small DORA party with 3 friends, and I ran out of games in the 1st fifteen minutes. My husband had a good laugh about that. And due to my AWESOME neighbor, we had a gloriously perfect and amazing DORA cake. (I looked at that pan about sixty times before I made myself face reality and that this is certainly beyond my level of abilities.) THANK YOU GINA!!!
That evening more visits from grandparents, neighbors and friends, made a perfect day even more filled with joy. Thanks so much for this precious thing in our lives and loving her like we do! Happy Birthday Baby Presley!


Heather said...

DID GINA ACTUALLY MAKE THAT!? it is AMAZING!!! how awesome! I CAN NOT believe she is 3! wow! that is nuts! she is just too precious for words!