Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Amazing Indiana!

Just a few funny quotes from INdiana.
We were talking about the primary lessons and what your name means. We looked up Henry (which is Indy's first name) and it said, "Rules his own household." After we had looked up everyones' names, I did a review and asked Indy what his name meant. He couldn't remember for a bit and then tapped his skull and said, "HMMMMM, rules the...HOMELESS!!!!" WE died laughing. And he, unfortunately, will never live it down!
The next night, McKenzie got in trouble. As her dad was upset with her Indy kept telling me, "SHE IS MY THIRD MOST GRATEFUL." I kept asking him what he said but it became less discernable as his concern for his sister escalated. Finally, in tears he said, "She is my third most grateful! She's been really good to me lately and I love her and I am most grateful for her after you and dad." He has the hugest heart and plenty of places for all of the people he is most grateful for! We sure love him.


Heather said...

THAT IS SOO DARLING! his third most grateful! how precious he is! and WOW beautiful picture in the snow with brent! SO Sweet!