Wednesday, March 19, 2008


what a special place "home" is. It goes way beyond our brick and wood structures and connotes a refuge, a place where we are loved and treasured.
In spite of all of the bliss and wonders I saw last week, it still doesn't take the place of this wonderful home where the people I love are.
As we drove up from the airport, balloons adorned all of the house, roses were left on the doorstep and inside my room. Meals were delicious and delayed my inevitable and dreaded return to the culinary arts. Alan even made his Famous Pumpkin Cheesecake for me.
More than anything, the hugs and snuggles from the kids and being able to be with Brent again, made life supremely perfect for those few hours. It's always great to get away. (and a better get-away I could not have had) but it's always better to come home. Thanks for making it so special Brent, McKEnzie, Indiana, Presley, Michele, Alan, phyllis and gang and ma and pa pead!!!!! I love you!
PS. When I asked Indiana if he had a good week while I was away, he replied, "Not really." when I asked why he said, "Because I just had to think about you all day every day and miss you." How sweet is that.


~Nikki said...

what a cute pic! You are SO TAN!!!

Aubri said...

Dorothy said it best, "There's no place like home."

Anonymous said...
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Heather said...

HOW Sweet was that comment from indie! i love that! OOOH YOU LOOK AMAZING! you are soo stinkin tan! NO FAIR!

Karen said...

look at you guys and are so tan (but so am i, neener neener neener!) im looking at the week of the 15th for pics, you game?? We can do them on Friday. I would love to hit downtown slc if you want, or we can just find some cool stuff. We can also do some studio's if you want, let me know!