Thursday, November 15, 2007


I just have to share the funny and smart things my kids have said this past week.
At Church, Indiana was being disruptive and so I was telling him to put his stuff away. Finally, after he was very frustrated with me, he said, "MOM, sometimes I don't understand HUMAN like you old guys!" I had to laugh.
Then this past week, Brent was on business and landed in Washington DC. When Presley would ask where he was, he would say, DC. So, the next day, when she spoke to him, she asked again, and he replied that he was on his way to north carolina. To which she adamantly responded, "NO DAD, you're in ABCD!"
And today, sadly, she FINISHED MY SENTENCE FOR ME!!! I said, "Do you want some milk in your...(brainfreeze)."
"Cereal. Yes mom."
AT TWO!!! I tell you, give me twenty years and I AM THE NOTEBOOK!!!


amanda said...

Your kids are AWSOME! I love all the funny things they say! Cracks me up.

Jenn said...

Priceless!!! I love it! I'm glad to be back in touch with you guys, you're awesome... To answer your Question, we are in Idaho Falls. Lovin' it here, but still trying to get used to the freezing cold weather.

shannon said...

that is so darn cute! and i love that she did ABCD, that's hilarious.

Heather said...

OOH how darling! your kids are soo cute! oh i love the comments!