Friday, November 2, 2007


We had a great Halloween this Year! I was able to dress up in orange and black and help out at school and the kids had fun. McKenzie and her teacher ended up BOTH being Alice in Wonderland. So cute! Indy was about the most handsome superman out there and Presley, was little Cindy Lou Who, who is no more than two. (She looks just like her!)
I got down with my dark self for Trick or Treating as the evil Queen from Snow White. Brent didn't want to be left out so he borrowed my Maleficent costume and dressed up as a different kind of queen. (Ha ha)
Anyway, we had a great time with our neighborhood and enjoyed the milder weather! After the trunk-or-treat, we went to my brothers annual haunted garage. It is fun for the kids to be part of that as well. He was his usual gruesome self, and his wife, made a decapitated Marie Antionette costume. Amazing! In fact, there is an article about it in the Des News if you want to follow this link:,5143,695223463,00.html
Anyway, hope you all had a great halloween. Now, can it possibly be NOVEMBER?!


Aubri said...

Looks freaking awesome!

Phil, Kellie and Drew said...

How can anyone ever compare to Dustin and Tara? They are so amazing! What great costumes!

Heather said...

HOW FUN! they are soo darn cute i can't stand it! your kids are precious! ooh love the costumes too! FOR ALL YOU!

LOve your guys' costumes too! sooo CUTE!

Glad it was tons of fun! SOUNDS like it was!

Jenn said...

hey, I found your blog through heather's. Hopefully you remember the Tyler Jones family from a couple of years ago. I was so excited to see pictures of your family. Presley was a newborn when we moved. You guys are awesome. Love the costumes!!!

shannon said...

you guys all looked rad! fun with your brother's haunted garage, we'll have to go next time with ya'll!

amanda said...

Cute Halloween pictures! You guys are awsome to dress up. I always say I'm going to dress up, but then I get stuck figuring out what to be.