Wednesday, November 5, 2008


This year has got to be the funnest Halloween I have had in many a year! The kids looked great, had fun, and we got in on the action!
Presley started the week off with her dance class and pre-school parties. I have to say, have you ever seen a more beautiful, angelic cinderella? I think she kills Disney's version--and coming from me, that is saying something! Here are a few pics of her:

Indiana showed some REAL ingenuity by making a costume of what we had. He wanted to be slash--yes he has been playing a lot of guitar hero lately. I thought he looked great.

Kenzie, of course, followed her High School Musical heart and dressed up as Gabriella. I thought I had a black wig. Oh well. She still looked FABULOUS. Maybe we should go Sharpay next time.

Brent really took the cake as John McCain. He looked great, hunched over, thumbs up and a perpetual, "My friends..."coming out of his mouth. He was the bomb. Here he is outside my brother's family's GARAGE OF DOOM. The REAL highlight of the day.

I dressed up as Palin at a party the night before and we neglected to take pictures. HOPEFULLY, one of his friends will send us some!

Here I am in my Orange and black, halloween Glory.

And finally, for the coupe de gras, (Sp?) here are my brothers from the Garage of DOOM! Dustin was a menacing MOLA RAM and Lincoln made a perfect slave sacrifice with his chained emaciation! I'm hoping someone will send the other pics of all of us in our glory. My mom had a great gig going!

At the Garage of DOOM, (which dustin and tara took a week to set up for!) the girls were at the first checkpoint, the witches tent. There they had a bubbling cauldron and told stories of children to took too much candy. The young boys were at the next checkpoint as werewolves, skeletons etc, and went for the surprise attacks. At this point, a scary tour guide, one of which was John McCain, led our victims into the garage. There, they were accosted by me, an insane viking witch who liked to nibble on mice and eat eyeballs and other grossities. Some of the kids wouldn't take my candy even after I assurred them it was really just a bag of skittles. Following me, Tara took over as a ghostly tour guide through the haunted maze of talking heads, snake surprises, (which my dad was only too happy to man with the air compressor) and finally to the final, TEMPLE OF DOOM! There, victims were asked if they had ever tasted of the blood of KALI as Dustin ripped Lincolns heart, still beating, out of his chest cavity. The screams that came from that room were FANTASTIC!
It was great to enjoy the night as a family eating candy, (although if I ever have eat one more gummy fingertip, it will be too soon,) enjoying hot soup, delicious sugar cookies and scaring the pants off of 500 people in SLC. A GREAT HALLOWEEN! Thanks D&T!


Learning Mother said...

Awesome pics Mandy! Looks like you guys had a blast! Too bad you don't have any Palin pictures, what a great idea. --Sherilyn

Harward Family said...

I always hear from mom the day after Halloween that you guys spent the evening at D&T's Garage of Doom. I keep saying next year we'll come. I totally want to see it. It sounds so AWESOME! And it's even more great that you do it all together as a family.

Remind us next year about it so we can come down it check it out!
Love you guys!

laytonlollygager said...

Way to Go Greens. Every one of you looked terroriffic!

Brian & Beth said...

Wow! That sounds like a lot of fun. If you do it again, let us know! :)

Heather said...

OH MY GOSH! your cinderella!?????? OH MY GOSH! she is JUST like her! seriously, what an angel! what a beauty! ooh i'm sorry! I LOVE her!
i love all the costumes! soo darling! you guys are too cute for words! seriously... love your darling kids, LOVE that you guys dressed up! soo precious!

so much fun!!!!

miss you guys!

and, man! love the palin and mccain! soo awesome!

are you seeing twilight soon!?