Monday, November 24, 2008


Friday came, but it didn't go out until we got our first bite into the TWILIGHT FILM! After being so cruelly disappointed in the last book, I held myself at bay when it came to my obsession--yes, it IS possible for me!
However, when it hit 4 o'clock, I was dressed and ready to go!!! We traveled up to the District to join in the festivities with the TWILIGHT MOMS. I donned my sultry red VICTORIA costume for the look-alike contest, (VICTORIA from Eclipse). We grabbed a few branches from the trees for my hair on the way in! We had a great time visiting vendors, eating pork burritos and getting bite mark tattoos. Finally, after all of the hoopla I changed and we got to go into our assigned seats. COULD NOT HAVE BEEN IN A BETTER SPOT! THANKS SHANNON!
The movie was great! I really enjoyed it. I kept my expectations low and just took it all in. Some performances I was REALLy pleased with--jessica and all of the high school gang, Charlie and James. Bella and Edward seemed able to pull it off, and the Cullens were alright. I would have liked to see more of them.
My critiques are that there is a superfluous amount of close face shots, NO BLOOD TYPING SCENE, and the meadow scene was mixed with the "discovery" scene.
(And they should have kept Carlise dark-haried. His makeup was horrible.)
However, for a low-budget film with no initial concept of its mad following, not bad for a first time around. I had a great time with my fellow addicts and had to download the soundtrack the second I got home!
I'll probably go and see it again tomorrow! AND New Moon is now slated for production, so just ONE MORE FREAKING THING we have to wait for!!! This really is a murderous addiction--but a fun one! I give it a B+.


Sandy said...

Oh good! I'm going to go and see it since you liked it...I was waiting to hear a review from someone who I knew...maybe it will be my Thanksgiving cooking reward!

Heather said...

HILARIOUS! because i totally agree with all your comments about the movie!!!!! It was great though! my friend and i were laughing a lOT during it, because soo dramatic, (like jaspers look soo right on! loved it!) and, laughed hysterically when bella walked in and edward was like THROWING up look! it was seriously like the book! loved it!

anyways, you guys look FABULOUS! wish i would have gone with you all! :O( maybe when new moon comes out! ????

LOVE your victoria costume!

Sandy said...

I went to see the movie this past weekend and thought it was great - I was completely entertained! So much so that I actually...sit down Mandy...may try to read the books again!