Friday, March 27, 2009

Disney World Part II

Animal Kingdom was our next stop and we had a GREAT time-although some of our party was soaked for most of the day! The new EXPEDITION EVEREST is FANTASTIC! I have to hand it to Indiana-he rode EVERY crazy ride with me-he would hold me hand, and somehow, find the courage to take on the ride. We got a bunch of parent passes for that ride, but none of the grandparents wanted to ride, so we went twice in a row. I don't recommend that! Presley was actually tall enough to ride Rattlesnake Rapids and was SO happy to FINALLY be TALL ENOUGH TO RIDE WITH THE BIG KIDS! Grandma PEAD took on the FURY of the Rapids and ended up with nary a dry spot on HER! WE enjoy the Lion King show and LOTS of characters. WE also had the kids visit each land and learn how to be a better part of Planet Earth. (I love that Disney always has educational opportunities for kids.)
For the last two days, we visited our favorite parks again. The weather was FREEZING! But, McKenzie discovered KIM POSSIBLE in Epcot and THAT was the funnest part of the trip. The kids got a secret cell phone and each land had clues and adventures that revealed themselves when the kids found the spot and touched the phone; clocks opened, gardens appeared, skeletons danced, photos were taken. IT WAS SO AMAZING! They ran around all day, which was great because it was SO COLD! That night, I took Kenz and Indy to the American Experience. IT was so inspiring to me and I wanted them to see it.

The last day we were back together in the Magic Kingdom. We had SUCH a great time. It really could NOT have been better. Now I just look at my pictures and sigh--could we make it back there again? ANd I look at our couches of the damned and smile and say, "childhood only comes once. WE'll have to wait on you for a while more!"


Sandy said...

Amen to the food plan and I love your comment about the couches!

Harward Family said...

Sounds like you guys had such a FANTASTIC TIME! And you're right about the couches (in our case, it would be pretty much EVERYTHING!) Making memories with your family is what counts! People can sit on the floor for all I care! =}

k t said...

hope you had fun i miss you guys so much lovve the remmer