Wednesday, August 22, 2007

1st day of SCHOOL!

Alas, it is that time again! Much as I hated to see my two oldest hit the books, I am happy to see that they will be doing something much more productive with their minds and energies! McKenzie is a beautiful 2nd greater and Indiana is the little heartbreaker 1st grader! TWO GONE ALL DAY! I was glad to have Presley with me yesterday. I"m not ready to be alone yet! She of course, had to get ready and don her backpack for school with Mommy. See pics. They are just growing up too fast for me! Life is beautiful!


Heather said...

these little ones are DARLING as can be!!!! you are soo lucky! they are so precious! i really CAN NOT believe how BIG they have gotten!

BY the way, i JUST Finished all three books! OOOH MY GOSH! i am still FLIPPING over how WONDERFUL they all were... I am sad the fourth isn't already out there!!!

gmom said...

Looks, brains, goo dhealth -- grateful we are!

shannon said...

i seriously love those photos...indie's hair is the best! can you believe how fast the time goes?