Thursday, August 30, 2007

Weekend in Wyoming!

We had a great time last weekend, up in Star Valley, Wyoming with my sisters family. We stayed at the a swingin' lil' place called Carlise Ranch that had plenty of beds, a chuckwagon and it's own pond. It was great to see the kids get nice and dirty and take them on little adventures on the 4-wheeler. Indy and I saw a COYOTE! Brent even went fishing for the 1st time in our married life. So here are some cool pics of the kids. I may even put in thier rump-shaking "MANEATER" routine they did for the talent show! It was fabulous to get away and breathe clean air and just be! Thanks KATIE AND CO!


Heather said...

That sounds like soo much fun! I LOVE that you had so much fun! LOOKS soo beautiful and sounds relaxing!

shannon said...

yeah, seriously, that place looks amazing. and tell brent if he ever wants to fish again, adam has the whole set up, and pretty much goes weekly!

Horst said...

so nice to have you up here, we will snowmobile in the winter

disneyking said...

ahhhh my Mandella.

I just got around to reading my comments on my blog. I've been the biggest Arrested Development fan for years and years. That's sweet that I'm like Gob. I absolutely loved him. And I mean LOVED his character. He by far was my favorite. Do you have all three seasons? Cause if not, we'll let you borrow them. It was honestly one of the greatest comedies of all time.
But enough of that, how's life. Love the pics you have on your site and use Crest! Much love!