Thursday, August 9, 2007

Eclipse Mania!

We had a fabulous time at out Eclipse Party lusting over vampires, adorning ourselves with temporary tatoos, finding answers to elusive twilight trivia and enjoying good food and great company. Now that the wait is over, I am DYING to have to wait ONE MORE YEAR to see the finale to Bella and Edward's tale! It's like Christmas as a kid all over again! AUGHHH!!!!
(Ironically, McKenzie and Indiana were reading their Waldo books and asked what the word, "OBESESSION" meant. I calmly explained that it is how mommy is with her new book and the meaning was translated to them VERY clearly! "Obsessed!")


shannon said...

amen, sistah. can we wait a whole 'nother year? shall we re-read them again and again and again until '08?

Mandella Green said...

I'm going to have to, because I can't seem to QUENCH MY THIRST!!!!!!!

Heather said...

SOO CUTE! you KNOW, i am SOO jealous, you and shannon, having soo much fun! I heard about those books, and i REALLY NEED to get on reading them!!! they sound really interesting!

Adam said...

you guys are sooo weird! Buy i hope you had lots of fun=)

Heather said...

OK OK! i Bought the book on saturday, started SUNDAY NIGHT, and thru distractions and everything i finished it just yesterday! oh man! it was FABULOUS!!! well, i read Twilight, is what i am talking about!

I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!!! i am making kirk read it!
Honestly, It is the best thing ever! I have NEVER been soo interested and taken back from a BOOK! ever! for real! i couldn't stop thinking about it, and sunday night at like 4 am i was like, I NEED TO READ MORE.... NO i need to sleep so i can finish it tomorrow!!!!

OOOOH I CAN NOT wait to read the next one and then ecclipse! i am SOO EXCITED!!! i wish i were there to share all that fun with you guys!!! :O(

I AGREE WiTH the OBSESSION!!! because i feel the same!!

Mandella Green said...

Heather, SO GLAD that you caught the fever! IT IS SO ENJOYABLE to get lost in her stories! It just gets better and better. You'll have to call of email when you finish so that we can discuss!

sharon said...

Oh, My, Goodness! I bought the three books on Amazon. I started with Twilight as you recommended on Saturday night and could not put it down! I finished up while taking a bath and getting ready for work this morning! I am hooked! Jimmy says that the next Twilight party you have, I can fly down for that! woo-hoo!