Saturday, September 22, 2007

California Dreamin'

Last week, due to the generous babysitting of our childrens' grandmothers, I was able to use my companion ticket to fly to CA with Brent. I was able to see my new little niece, BriAnna, who is growing so well, and my sister. Ironically, the pictures taken are all on her camera, so...Aub send me some pics!

Then, I went to the Magic Kingdom and just soaked it all up, perused the excellent shopping and waited for my Beloved. I DID discover a new disney treat. I have previously been partial to the Marshmellow Stick and Mickey Rice Crispy. NO MORE! I am telling you, the best kept secret there are the giant sugar cookies and a little cocoa. (My sisters and I call it COCO-LOCO because it has the strange effect of un-inhibiting you!. Anyway, next time you are there, Blue Ribbon Bakery on Main Street USA. You'll thank me for it!

The next day, I waiting in line for 80 minutes for the new Nemo Ride. It was cool, but I don't recommend waiting during the day and wasting good early park hours. Get in line at 7:55. They have to see you through and you may as well wait while the park is at its most enchanting. I'll enclose my favorite photo of the ride, you'll see why. So it was great to see my sis and enjoy a place where dreams come true with Brent and not having to visit EVERY SINGLE RESTROOM IN THE PARK! Bliss!


Heather said...

LOOKS LIKE SOO MUCH FUN! you look amazingly beautiful as always too! SOO cute, you two are darling! and you should get fast passes next time! and i wish i could try that cookie... NOW i am going to crave something like that!


Aubri said...

Too bad no fast passes on Nemo yet. I'm jealous you've seen it and we haven't and we live here. I'll email you the pics asap! It was great to have you here.