Thursday, September 27, 2007

Teachin' MYSELF a Lesson!!!

(an Arrested Development Moment)
For months, Indiana has wanted a bike and Kenz has wanted new mary jane crocs. I told them that if Indy could earn 20 bucks, we would do the rest. SO, in an effort to teach my children a lesson about the value of industry and hard work, I came up with a plan. We would have a garage sale. Now I have never had a garage sale, but how hard can it be. LET ME TELL YOU! I spend at LEAST 10 hours cleaning out crap on Friday. And then I had to wake up at 7:00 the next day to set up the crap and tape up flyers. Then from 8-12am, I sat there as my children mingled with that lovely element of society and our average sale was 65 cents. Three hours into it, they had made a whopping 14 bucks. (So far, a dollar an hour for my time!) At the end, they had left me for dead while the visiting teachers were here. I went out and they were playing with friends, or Indy was telling every customer,"I tell you what, how about 11 cents?" It was a nightmare, and INSTEAD of teaching my kids a dang thing, it taught me a lesson. NEVER TRY TO TEACH YOUR KIDS A LESSON by HAVING A GARAGE SALE! It backfired and I am now Michael Bluth! (Oh well, I guess the 11 cent deals did work because at the end, we ended up with a whopping 24 bucks!! (But, never again I tell you! NEVER AGAIN!)


Heather said...

ahh my arm..." "that is why you ALWAYS LEAVE a NOTE!"

that is the best! for real, sometimes it is soo hard to try to teach them stuff! i am so sorry! garage sales ARE THE WORST!!! you are way better then i!!

you need to check out this website...

They come twice a year, and you can sell all your old clothes and toys and you get good amount of money! i made $350 with just selling like a handful of clothes! for real! they come to utah twice a year.... check it out!

LOVE YOU! you are soo darling!

amanda said...

Thanks for the advice!!!!! Ever since my kids watched Calliou having a garage sale on TV, they think they have to do one too! NO WAY! Just too much work for one mom. Because WHO does ALL the work for the sale? MOM!!!!!